Public Information:

PI and the NA Member

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What is public information?

The role of the PI committee is to ensure that clear and accurate information about NA is available to the public. 

How does the work get done?

The PI committee receives requests for information from many different sources, such as individuals, agencies and the media. Some of the ways we provide information to the public include:

  1. Responding to requests for speakers from churches, civic organizations, schools, or the media.
  2. Developing and distributing posters, fliers, and other public service announcements to inform the public of how to reach us.
  3. Learning days and workshops.
  4. Mailing meeting directories, informational letters, and pamphlets to people who may come in contact with addicts.
  5. Cooperate with a hospitals and institutions committee in overlapping projects.
  6. Where separate phoneline or office committees do not exist, a PI committee may be responsible for operating a phoneline.
The BMASC Public Information (PI) Subcommittee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 5:30 PM. Zoom ID: 538-507-807
Password 757247
Public Information (PI) Subcommittee Guidelines
Public Relations Handbook
Public Relations Basics