Blue Mountain Area Report Forms

Group Service Representative (GSR)

Group Service Representatives (GSRs) – Since the Area exists to serve the groups, the GSRs from those groups are the key participants at the Area service level. The GSRs provide the direction from the groups on what services the groups require the Area to perform for them, and in return advise the groups of the resources needed to perform these services.

GSRs bear great responsibility. While GSRs are elected by and accountable to the group, they are not mere group messengers. They are selected by their groups to serve as active members of the area service committee. As such, they are responsible to act in the best interests of NA as a whole, not solely as advocates of their own groups’ priorities.

Area Trusted Servants

Administrative Officers– These individuals are responsible for administering the general affairs of the service body. Typical positions include the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Regional Committee Member (RCM) – The RCM is the Area’s equivalent of the GSR. Just as the groups form Areas to provide the services that they cannot provide on their own, the Areas form Regions to provide services needed at a larger geographical area. The RCM represents the conscience of the Area, and all of its member groups, at the Region level and communicates back to the Area the activities of the region.

Subcommittees – Subcommittees are working groups that do the actual work necessary to provide the services that the groups have requested. The subcommittees are accountable to the Area, which is accountable to the groups. Typical Area subcommittees include H&I, PI, Literature, Activities, etc..

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